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Small Talk 


Mary Magdalene was the first witness of the Resurrection who experienced the extraordinarily joyful event and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord.” 

The Resurrected Jesus gave a special mandate to her saying, “Go tell my brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see me.” Matthew 28:10

Jesus Christ wants to meet them in Galilee where their first encounter happened, where He called them to share His mission and where they left everything to be His disciples. What is the inner meaning? The Risen Christ offers a fresh start asking, “Can we start again? Am I willing to start afresh and be His disciple anew?”

The Resurrection event lays the foundation for the Church because we are a Resurrection people with a mission. “Go!”  It’s not for a disciple to sit and wait around for the people to come or for us to remain in our own comfort zones. Today, our first priority we like to choose leads to the “comfort addiction.” Then, even the slightest discomfort makes us irritable, restless, and discontent.

Go!” This invitation is delivered to every one of us to have an open heart to the whole world “by going forth and share the good news.” We imagine the possible new mission for the congregation. To embrace a new mission, to be “planted where it can bloom.”

How do we celebrate the Resurrection and the peace brought by the Risen Christ? Jesus was a Radical which means to get to the “root” of things. The encounter and search of Mary Magdalene made her feel His presence and the joy of being close to Him and it became a powerful instrument for her to announce the good news. The new Easter fire is kindling within us so let us expanded our heart to be available for Christ’s mission.


News from The Trumpet

During this winter when indoor activities filled my time, I found a box of items from high school and this greeting card from 1982. During spring break of my senior year I went on a trip with other students to Paris for the week.  Somewhere my mother had put this card in my suitcase, and I have kept it along with other items from that trip. Reading through her message inside the card (yes, she signed it from Mom and Dad, but we all know who buys and signs the cards in most families), she included these words, “I don’t know where you will be or what you will be doing…” I thought to myself how prophetic those words are. God willing, we will all be here at Mt. Zion on April 4, 2021 for Easter worship and the celebration of Christ’s resurrection, but where will we all be on April 17, 2022 for Easter worship? 
Easter 2022 will be a big change for all of us. For some of us, Mt. Zion is our church from birth and for others it is the church we have called home for decades. What will the future bring? Thinking about the future can create fear within us. The unknown is the uncomfortable, but fear is not uncommon. The end of Mark’s gospel has the women leaving the tomb too afraid to tell anyone what had happened. John’s gospel has the disciples gathered in a room afraid after Jesus had died and unaware of his resurrection. When Jesus first appears among the disciples he says, “Peace be with you!” All their fears were for naught as he appears among them. He has accomplished his purpose with his death and resurrection. The disciples no longer had a reason for fear.
Each of us does not know where we will gather for worship for Easter in 2022. We do not know where we will be or what we will be doing. Change is never easy, but Jesus, Emmanuel, is with us and says in the midst of our uncertainty and fear, “Peace be with you!” Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today and forever, still says to us, “Peace be with you!”    

Pastor Michael Dorner

Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
5645 Chicago Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55417



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